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US Military Manual Collection

United States Army Field Manuals are published by the United States Army's Army Publishing Directorate. As of 27 July 2007, some 542 field manuals were in use. They contain detailed information and how-tos for procedures important to soldiers serving in the field. They are usually available to the public at low cost or free electronically. Many websites have begun collecting PDF versions of Army Field Manuals, Technical Manuals and Weapon Manuals.

Note from Curator: These are currently being brought in from variant sources - over time, improved copies of manuals will appear as possible.


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The ARCHIVE.ORG Manual Library

US Army 316
United States. Army 312
Field Manual 305
United States. -- Army -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 281
Cold War 255
Vietnam War, 1961-1975 153
operations 98
Technical Manual 97
enemy 88
support 59
combat 49
firing 47
marine corps 43
fire support 42
figure 37
target 36
United States. -- Army -- Handbooks, Manuals, etc 35
commander 35
fire 35
military 34
Korean War, 1950-1953 33
force 33
forces 31
marine 31
terrain 30
unit 29
intelligence 28
platoon 26
air force 24
personnel 24
service support 24
Firearms 23
training 23
air defense 21
Amateur Radio 20
air 20
corps 20
Ham Radio 19
equipment 19
weapon 19
army 18
command 18
machine gun 18
maintenance 18
rifle 18
DA pam 17
battalion 17
medical 17
tactical 17
units 17
water 17
Radio, Military -- United States -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 16
Rifles -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 16
United States. -- Army -- Firearms -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 16
defense 16
explosive 16
United States. -- Army -- Communication systems -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 15
ammunition 15
special operations 15
team 15
Boatanchor 14
Department of the Army Pamphlet 14
combat power 14
front sight 14
fuze 14
grenade 14
mission 14
patrol 14
sight 14
leader 13
range 13
chemical 12
meters 12
rear sight 12
soldier 12
theater 12
control 11
fire team 11
infantry 11
operational 11
reconnaissance 11
task force 11
team leader 11
Radio -- United States -- Receivers and reception -- Maintenance and repair -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 10
United States. Air Force 10
attack 10
barrel 10
blasting cap 10
combat service 10
container 10
enemy forces 10
firing pin 10
soldiers 10
squad 10
squad leader 10
support operations 10
threat 10
United States. -- Air Force -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 9
United States. -- Army -- Transportation -- Handbooks, Manuals, etc 9
assembly 9
combined arms 9
commanders 9
fmfm 9
guerrilla 9
joint 9
magtf 9
mine 9
mines 9
night vision 9
platoon leader 9
urban 9
voltage 9
Antennas 8
United States. -- Air Force -- Handbooks, Manuals, etc 8
United States. -- Army -- Aviation -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 8
United States. -- Army -- Supplies and stores -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 8
agent 8
blasting 8
cap 8
conduct 8
electronic warfare 8
fires 8
joint force 8
leaders 8
marines 8
shipping 8
sniper 8
sniper team 8
sniper teams 8
step 8
targets 8
viet cong 8
weight 8
Electronics 7
US Air Force 7
United States. -- Army -- Field service -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 7
United States. -- Army -- Logistics -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 7
United States. -- Army -- Military police -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 7
aircraft 7
assault 7
bolt 7
civic action 7
cold weather 7
collection 7
device 7
hand grenade 7
left hand 7
logistics 7
material 7
medical evacuation 7
movement control 7
position 7
range estimation 7
rear 7
rear area 7
remove 7
riot control 7
safety lever 7
snipers 7
storage 7
test 7
treatment 7
warfare 7
Aeronautics 6
Electricity 6
Howitzers -- United States -- Maintenance And Repair -- Handbooks, Manuals, etc 6
Marksmanship 6
NACA Report 6
Radio -- Transmitter-receivers -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 6
Tanks (Military Science) -- United States -- Maintenance And Repair -- Handbooks, Manuals, etc 6
United States. -- Army -- Armored troops -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 6
United States. -- Army -- Artillery -- Drill and tactics -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 6
United States. -- Army -- Drill and tactics -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 6
United States. -- Army -- Firearms -- Maintenance and repair -- Handbooks, manuals, etc 6
United States. -- Army -- Signal Corps 6
War (International Law) 6
armed forces 6
body 6
body weight 6
cartridge 6
charge 6
circuit 6
combat health 6
cong 6
data 6
electrical 6
exercise 6
firing device 6
force commander 6
force protection 6
friendly forces 6
grounding 6
guerrilla force 6
launcher 6
main effort 6
medical personnel 6
military operations 6
military police 6
physical 6
english 677
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Topics: fuse, grenade, pipe, improvised, cap, explosive, metal, hole, wire, diameter, improvised munitions,...
Topics: sniper, target, snipers, team, enemy, range, rifle, firing, weapon, meters, sniper rifle, firing...
Topics: sniper, target, enemy, patrol, terrain, snipers, targets, range, student, observation, range...
Topics: sniper, target, snipers, team, firing, bullet, enemy, rifle, weapon, sight, front sight, authorized...
Topics: map, grid, terrain, contour, meters, navigation, distance, azimuth, maps, figure, terrain features,...
Topics: firing, target, soldier, rifle, weapon, marksmanship, sight, training, fire, targets, shot groups,...
Topics: patient, acute, severe, pain, respiratory, symptoms, infection, differential, fever, skin, nervous...
Topics: cartridge, projectile, fuze, limit, weight, propelling, primer, charge, assembly, shipping,...
Topics: gun, figure, machine, target, bolt, ammunition, fire, firing, guns, barrel, quadrant elevation,...
Topics: sniper, team, target, enemy, rifle, antenna, firing, weapon, meters, range, firing position,...
Topics: leaders, army, leader, organizational, strategic, counseling, subordinates, leadership, soldiers,...
Topics: firing, blasting, cap, explosive, wire, attach, device, boobytraps, nonelectric, assemble,...
Topics: training, tasks, bct, metl, battalion, conduct, commanders, platoon, commander, leader, metl...
Topics: assembly, receiver, bolt, pin, rifle, barrel, force, army, spring, air, front sight, barrel...
Topics: fire, training, platoon, maneuver, unit, squad, enemy, ammunition, weapon, target, fire team,...
Topics: sniper, fmfm, enemy, rifle, firing, figure, target, snipers, targets, terrain, range estimation,...
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Topics: snow, ski, skis, cold, clothing, terrain, body, poles, cold weather, ski poles, body weight, deep...
Topics: mob, gun, gas, weapon, police, type, hand, combat, firing, knife, mob members, gas grenades, tear...
Topics: grenade, safety, packing, body, delay, pyrotechnic, pin, fuze, weight, primer, pull ring, dot...
Topics: guerrilla, forces, enemy, warfare, special, theater, operations, operational, area, detachment,...
Topics: performance, soldier, skill, measures, verify, squad, steps, unit, ensure, level, soldier scores,...
Topics: security, personnel, installation, crime, detection, perimeter, measures, sensors, terrorist,...
Topics: physical, fitness, muscle, seal, strength, navy, exercise, training, table, stretch, lead partner,...
Topics: device, explosive, lubricating, evaluated, mixture, organic, engine, test, item, material, full...
Topics: artep, conduct, company, task, rifle, commander, operations, force, red force, enemy, red forces,...
US Military Manual Collection
by United States. Marine Corps
MCRP 3-01A Rifle Marksmanship 2001-03-29 "1. PURPOSE Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCRP) 3-01 A, Rifle Marksmanship, provides techniques and procedures for Marine Corps rifle marksmanship. 2. SCOPE Every Marine is first and foremost a rifleman. MCRP 3-01 A reflects this ethos and the Marine Corps' warfighting philosophy. This publication discusses the individual skills required for effective rifle marksmanship and standardizes the techniques and procedures used throughout the Marine...
Topics: Field Manual, Rifles -- Handbooks, manuals, etc, Firearms, United States. Marine Corps, USMC, US...
Topics: firing, enemy, fire, meters, fuze, remove, position, wire, mine, camouflage, pressure plate,...
Topics: survival, edible, water, plants, species, figure, habitat, centimeters, poisonous, leaves,...
Topics: blasting, explosive, shipping, charge, demolition, storage, cap, firing, dot, uno, uno proper,...
Topics: figure, fire, enemy, rifle, patrol, rear, sight, firing, victim, barrel, petty officer, rear sight,...
US Military Manual Collection
by United States. Department of the Army
FM 55-506-1 Basic Electricity. 1977-04-22CONTENTS 1. Safety 1 2. Fundamental concepts of electricity 11 3. Batteries 34 4. Series d-c circuits 57 5. Parallel d-c circuits 85 6. Network analysis of d-c circuits 106 7. Electrical conductors and wiring techniques 123 8. Electromagnetism and magnetic circuits 149 9. Introduction to alternating-current electricity .... 159 10. Inductance 171 11. Capacitance 188 12. Inductive and capacltive reactance . . 206 13. Fundamental alternating- current...
Topics: Ships -- Electric equipment, Electricity, Field Manual, US Army, United States. Army, Marine...
Topics: platoon, leader, enemy, fire, leaders, assault, soldiers, squad, positions, team, team leader,...
Topics: irregular, guerrilla, operations, forces, military, civil, combat, force, elements, guerrillas,...
Topics: sfod, mission, operations, battalion, reconnaissance, intelligence, target, sfods, operational,...
Topics: igniter, delay, fuse, mixture, ignition, material, acid, container, ignite, incendiaries, delay...
US Military Manual Collection
by United States. Department of the Army
TM 9-237 Welding Theory and Application 1967-11-06 "This technical manual is published for use of personnel concerned with welding and other metal joining operations in the manufacture and maintenance of materiel. It contains information as outlined below...." Digitized by AHEC (U.S. Army Heritage Collections)
Topics: Technical Manual, Solder and soldering -- Handbooks, manuals, etc, Brazing -- Handbooks, manuals,...
Topics: survival, aid, water, signaling, center, animal, marine, air, fire, mountain, learning objectives,...
Topics: percent, tnt, explosive, test, ammonium, grams, detonation, explosives, cubic, composition, percent...
Topics: sniper, target, enemy, patrol, terrain, snipers, targets, range, student, observation, distance...
Topics: opponent, left, fighter, figure, deflecting, breaking, rear, hand, wrist, bayonet, fixed bayonet,...
Topics: sniper, target, enemy, team, weapon, rifle, snipers, firing, position, range, weapon system,...
Topics: urban, enemy, fire, operations, buildings, infantry, support, combat, battalion, platoon, company...
US Military Manual Collection
by United States. Department of the Army
TM 1-1520-237-10 Operator's Manual: UH-60A and EH-60A Helicopter. 1988-01-08Digitized by Google Books.
Topics: Technical Manual, Black Hawk, United States. -- Army -- Handbooks, manuals, etc, Military...
Topics: performance, soldier, steps, measures, assembly, casualty, firing, bolt, evaluation, figure,...
Topics: humint, tactical, collection, operations, operational, support, team, intelligence, unit, assets,...
Topics: snow, survival, aid, water, avalanche, signaling, marine, air, cold weather, mountainous, student...
Topics: firing, enemy, fire, meters, fuze, remove, position, wire, mine, camouflage, pressure plate,...
Topics: detonating, type, weight, explosive, shipping, canopy, dimensions, assembly, aircraft, firing, dot...
Topics: training, unit, marine, mcrp, tasks, battalion, combat, commanders, metl, mco, individual training,...
Topics: mine, mcm, mines, magnetic, forces, ships, operations, warfare, minefield, mining, moored mines,...
Topics: rifle, reticle, sights, silencer, countersniper, target, center, sight, shooter, telescope, flat...
Topics: sniper, fmfm, enemy, rifle, firing, terrain, target, snipers, targets, figure, range card, range...
Topics: exercise, physical, marines, starting, fitness, exercises, conditioning, marine, training,...
Topics: ammunition, visual, packing, markings, maintenance, inspection, marking, cartridge, cartridges,...
Topics: training, ammunition, table, strategy, dodic, fire, rounds, requirement, required, annual, event...
Topics: cache, container, site, burial, emplacement, planners, recovery, caching, packaging, concealment,...
US Military Manual Collection
by United States. Department of the Army
US Army Field Manual # FM 5-426 Carpentry 1995-10-03. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Construction Drawings 1-1 Architectural Symbols, Line Conventions, and Material Conventions 1-1 Working Drawings 1-2 Site Plans 1-3 Elevations 1-4 Floor Plans 1-4 Detail Drawings 1-7 Sections 1-7 Details 1-10 Wood Framing Drawings 1-10 Light Wood Framing 1-12 Heavy Wood Framing 1-17 Chapter 2. Construction Planning and Materials 2-1 Planning 2-1 Built-in-Place Method 2-1 Panel Method 2-2 Materials 2-3 Lumber 2-3...
Topics: US Army, Field Manual, Carpentry, United States. Army, United States. -- Army -- Handbooks,...
Topics: rope, rappel, knot, ropes, spies, master, anchor, fries, rappeuer, safety, rappel rope, overhand...
Topics: pipe, fuse, explosive, cap, grenade, diameter, blasting, official, material, container, paper...
Topics: marines, opponent, execute, techniques, left, close, hand, combat, forward, arm, target areas,...
Topics: chemical, vapor, toxicity, estimates, unclassified, agents, unknown, exposure, profile, agent, usa...
Topics: projectile, fuze, cartridge, limit, weight, propelling, primer, charge, firing, shipping, packing...
US Military Manual Collection
by United States. War Department
TM 9-319 75mm Pack Howitzer M1A1 and Carriage M8 1948-11-17 "This manual is published for the information of the using arms and services. It contains technical information required for the identification, operation, use, and care of the howitzer, carriage, ammunition, and accessory equipment." Digitized by AHEC (U.S. Army Heritage Collections)
Topics: Technical Manual, Howitzers -- United States -- Maintenance and repair -- Handbooks, manuals, etc,...
US Military Manual Collection
by United States. Department of the Army
TM 11-666 Antennas And Radio Propagation 1953-02-09 ELECTRONIC FUNDAMENTALS SERIES The manuals on electronic fundamentals form a progressive series of educational texts which present the theory and application of electronics for the military services. The series starts with the basic electrical fundamentals and extends to the most recent technical concepts, as applied to telegraphy, telephony, radio, loran, facsimile, radio direction finding, radar, meteorological radio, television, and other...
Topics: Radio, Ham Radio, Amateur Radio, Cold War, Technical Manual, Antennas, Radio Propagation, US Army,...
Topics: soldiers, fitness, exercise, physical, soldier, muscular, muscle, training, body, repetitions,...
Topics: gunner, firing, machine, weapon, fire, assembly, target, gun, sight, bolt, rail grabber, bore...
Topics: step, figure, fighter, enemy, knee, defense, attack, arm, soldiers, leg, dominant body, bent arm,...
Topics: reconnaissance, reports, code, reported, report, measurement, guide, abc, letter, landing, guide...
Topics: platoon, company, commander, enemy, fmfm, assault, attack, rifle, fires, fire, assault amphibious,...
Topics: opponent, command, rear, bayonet, left, attack, counter, phase, arm, objective, left foot, left...
Topics: diving, diver, oxygen, dive, depth, pressure, air, decompression, navy, gas, diving supervisor,...
US Military Manual Collection
by United States. Department of the Army
FM 5-15 Field Fortifications 1968-08-09 "This manual is a training guide for small units in the construction of field fortifications, including protected firing positions for weapons, personnel shelters, and defensive obstacles." Digitized by AHEC (U.S. Army Heritage Collections)
Topics: Cold War, US Army, United States. -- Army -- Handbooks, manuals, etc, Fortification, Field, United...
Topics: intelligence, counterintelligence, operations, security, personnel, enemy, mcwp, magtf, threat,...
Topics: enemy, operations, terrain, urban, combat, military, buildings, urbanized, marines, mcwp, machine...
US Military Manual Collection
by United States. Department of the Army
US Army Field Manual # FM 3-55.93 Long Range Unit Surveillance Operations 2009-06-23. Preface xiii Summary of Change xv Chapter 1 FULL-SPECTRUM OPERATIONS 1 -1 Section I. TYPES AND COMBINATIONS OF ARMY OPERATIONS 1-1 Four Types of Army Operations 1-1 Intelligence 1-2 Section II. INFANTRY RECONNAISSANCE AND SURVEILLANCE UNITS 1-2 Characteristics 1-2 Missions and Organizations 1-3 Section III. LONG-RANGE SURVEILLANCE COMPANY 1-3 Primary Missions 1-4 Secondary Missions 1-4 Comparison to Special...
Topics: US Army, Field Manual, Military surveillance -- United States, Operational art (Military science)...